About This Project

In the Gene Roddenberry media franchise "Star Trek," a future world of political peace, harmony, justice, and international cooperation was depicted which stands in sharp contrast to the economic, political, and cultural competition which defines our society today in the early twenty-first century. We need to study and understand the historical events and contemporary forces which have brought us to our present reality, and collectively dream as well as strategize about how we can transcend the competitive divides which now separate us from that more utopian "Star Trek" future.

Transcending and reconciling some of the historic fractures which have separated "people of faith" from "people of science" is an important part of the "Star Trek Plus" project. While Roddenberry's future world was largely secular, we need to recognize the importance and reality of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, as guiding influences on us as fallen human beings, prone to sin and act in ways which serve selfish rather than sacred purposes. We also need to recognize and respect the right of others to exercise the right to religious freedom, Christian as well as other faiths. Historic examples include debates / fights over heliocentrism and evolution / creation science. This process of reconciliation does NOT mean an abandonment of all religious faith and belief in lieu of a secular worldview. Neither does it mean the imposition of a theocracy or single worldview. This understanding of and focus on following God and respecting religious differences is the "Plus" in the project title, "Star Trek Plus."

Today this project is a website by Wesley Fryer, created as place to collect and share books, movies, articles, and other resources related to these goals and objectives.